Quick Questions

Three questions about sustainability

We live on a wonderful planet. But it is becoming increasingly clear that resources are limited. In order for us to continue to live well, we will not be able to avoid changing our behavior. It is becoming more and more clear how important sustainable development is. We all have to make sure that products are produced in a climate-neutral and resource-saving way and are recyclable. Companies are thus challenged to think of completely new approaches to make their contribution. Anabel Hengelmann has given some thought to this.

Three questions on leadership development

Today more than ever, leadership development is an important tool for companies to develop their employees and to support them in mastering increasingly demanding tasks. Good leadership has to be learned. Here are some personal insights from Anabel Hengelmann in the field of leadership development, leadership and personal development.

Three questions on digitization

The topic of digitization is on everyone's lips but is understood very differently. First of all, it generally refers to the conversion of analogue content or processes into digital ones. However, it can and will lead to far-reaching changes in the private and public sectors, in the economy, politics and society.